We are experienced cake designers and bakers who pride ourselves in making all sorts of cakes, small to large and suiting all dietary requirements to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Our passion is to invent new products or recreate time honoured classics and experiment with flavours so that we can offer our take on old favourites alongside cutting edge taste sensations.

We can custom bake all types of cakes that cater for all special events such as birthdays, weddings and all your special occasions. We have special cakes that are suitable for all tastes, dietary requirements and ages.

Why choose us?

At Sweet Desire we make custom cakes and according to the requirement of our customers. Our cakes are unique in taste and in look. We take special care of customers and that is why we strive to meet high expectations and create a wow factor on a daily basis. We are a talented team that make cakes with special care. All our cakes are made fresh and to order, so you do not need to worry about their freshness. We use the highest quality of ingredients to ensure a mouth watering and tasty sensation from the first bite.

Our special cakes:

We always try to make your event more special by our delightful and delicious cakes. We have cakes for our customers for special events such as weddings, birthday, baby showers, graduation parties and all other happy events.

How we prepare cakes?

We are professional and always take care of our customer that is why we have a special team of cake makers that utilize their experience and their professional skills to make cakes more delicious and more eye-catching. All types of cakes served at Sweet Desire are made fresh daily by using healthy, quality and fresh ingredients. We use dozens of ingredients to make our cake more delicious such as chocolate, fresh butter, vanilla beans, and quality cream.